InfiniLED is a world-leader in MicroLED and MicroLED array technology. It develops custom light source modules are a range of market with lever the benefits of the patented MicroLED device. 

InfiniLED is back by over 10 years of research into the MicroLED and by over 30 years of photonics research. InfiniLED have a team of experience engineers and business people with a track-record of delivering high performance technology to the marketplace. 

InfiniLED is a spinout from the Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland and is an innovation development project and portfolio company of ScienceWorks Ventures Limited, the Irish innovation hub of ScienceWorks Ventures plc an IP development and investment company.  

InfiniLED and the InfiniLED logo are Trademarks of InfiniLED Limited.